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Fire Compartmentation surveys are essential for protecting property and critical areas of a building to ensure the safe evacuation of all occupants and minimise financial losses from fire damage.

At Flamesafe Solutions, we offer top-tier Fire Compartmentation surveys conducted by our experienced surveyors. Our thorough assessments meet the criteria of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, ensuring peace of mind that your building has been assessed appropriately for its compartmentation needs.

Benefits of Having a Compartmentation Survey

  • Identify Fire Risks: Detect potential fire hazards within the building.

  • Assess Current Compartmentation: Identifies and addresses any deficiencies or damages that could compromise the fire door’s performance in the event of a fire.

  • Prolongs Door Lifespan: Evaluates the effectiveness of existing fire compartmentation measures.

  • Compliance With Regulations: Ensures the building meets legal and regulatory fire safety standards.

  • Fire Spread Prevention: Identifies areas where fire spread could be contained through improved compartmentation.

  • Building Structure Analysis: Reviews the building's structural elements for fire resistance.

  • Recommendations for Improvement: Offers suggestions for enhancing fire compartmentation.

  • Detailed Reporting: Provides a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations.

  • Insurance Compliance: Supports with meeting insurance requirements for fire safety.

  • Ongoing Safety Monitoring: Establishes protocols for continuous monitoring and maintenance of fire compartmentation.

  • Peace of Mind: Gives clients confidence that their fire safety measures are robust and in line with best practices.


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